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The Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit contains:

(1) Plastic Tote with latching lid

(1) Complete Tigerfloc™ Tube
(2) Tigerfloc™ Flocculant Belts

(1) Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Bag
(2) Aluminum 4" to 2" cam lock adapters

The Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit is a complete solution for wastewater management and can be set up in 15 minutes or less!

The Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit is the solution for every construction site to work in conjunction with erosion control best management practices, such as silt fence or an erosion control blanket. The Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit is housed in a durable container for storage and ease of portability.

The Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit is kept safely on site, ready when needed. Because the kit has no components that expire, and can be used with a typical 2" sump pump, gas pump or electric pump, you can be assured the kit will be ready to process stormwater and wastewater when required.

With the Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit on your job site, you can have peace of mind knowing that within a few minutes you can set up your kit and treat up to a 100 gallons per minute or more of stormwater and wastewater! This will allow you to discharge water off your site while remaining compliant, not only with best management practices or BMP, but also with local and federal laws to avoid fines and perhaps worse: getting shut down!

Download The Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit Set-Up Instructions

How to set up your Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Kit:

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