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Download the Tigerfloc™ Flocculant MSDS

We have been able to greatly reduce processing time thereby allowing for efficient throughput. Several water treatment systems are available from Bellaco using Tigerfloc™ Flocculant and can be designed to process over 600 gallons per minute!

Tigerfloc™ Flocculants are being used in industrial wastewater treatment, stormwater management and as a sediment filter on construction sites to provide water treatment before discharging off site. 

Multiple industries and construction companies are using Tigerfloc™ due to its effective wastewater treatment combined with its lower cost. We believe this combination makes Tigerfloc™ the best flocculant on the market today!

Turbid water before treatment & Turbid water after Tigerfloc™ treatment

Flocculant in Mobile

Re-suspending Treatment with Tigerfoc™ Flocculant

​​​​Tigerfloc™ is a revolutionary flocculant custom designed to allow for water treatment and wastewater treatment to remove contaminants from stormwater runoff and waste water, to include: Heavy metals, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Pigments, Ink, Glycol and Oil and Gas. Because Tigerfloc™ Flocculant does not utilize the methodologies found in anionic, cationic, alum and polyacrylamide (PAM) flocculants it is not dependent upon the presence of negatively and positively charged ions.

The process involves Tigerfloc™ Flocculant encapsulating contaminants within stormwater or wastewater producing a sludge that is easily captured in our Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Bags; the water exiting the dewatering bags can be used or discharged according to best management practices (BMP).